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Interior Demolition

Interior Demolition is very similar to selective demolition wherein, only select interior components of a building are to be removed. Our goal on every interior demolition project is to be safe, swift, clean, and largely unnoticed – for those buildings who have tenants, to minimize the impact on them.


Selective Demolition

Selective Demolition is the process of removing only select interior or exterior building components of a structure while respecting the integrity of the remaining structure. This type of demolition is most common with renovation and remodeling projects. In the new age of historical preservation, there is a higher demand for this type of demolition.


Historical Preservation

Demolition around historic properties involves attention to detail and precision that not all demolition companies can deliver. This requires removal of building materials while preserving and maintaining the existing historic façade. For preservation projects designed to leave your building looking better than it did a century ago, Kaebo Construction is the clear solution.


Complete Demolition

Complete Demolition is the act of removing an entire structure and all of its components. There are several different scenarios where complete demolition is required. A few of these include abandoned/ inhabitable homes and buildings, new developments and removing unsafe structures. Our wide assortment and large inventory of heavy equipment ensures we can tackle even the toughest jobs.


Asbestos Inspections

Kaebo Construction has a team of AHERA Accredited Inspectors on staff to perform residential and commercial asbestos inspections. Asbestos inspections is now required prior to any type of renovation or demolition activities. Asbestos is consider a hazardous material with many harmful characteristics and must be removed by a licensed contractor.

Asbestos inspections are done by taking samples of suspect materials and sending them to a lab for testing. This usually takes between 3-7 business days. In emergency situations, we are able to have results in 24 hours if needed. Once samples are taken and sent, the asbestos inspector will give you a detailed analysis of what was sampled, where the samples were taken, and the amount of asbestos contained in each material. If any asbestos is found during the inspection, it is very important that this material is not disturbed in any way.


Asbestos Abatement

Our crews adhere to stringent setup, decontamination and disposal procedures in line with all OSHA and EPA rules and regulations.

All of our crew members are educated by OSHA authorized training facilities and run through several rigorous, real life scenarios before performing work for our clients. All of our asbestos technicians are current on all necessary certifications and medical physicals.